Thorny Knits

I've got a husband, twin toddlers, a cat who I probably forgot to feed this morning, and never, ever enough time to knit.


"I'm Not Dead Yet...."

Nope. Nosiree, not dead yet.

By the looks of this poor neglected blog, you'd think so, though, wouldn't you?

But no. It's more just a weird tardy hibernation thing, I think. Or something. Who knows.

Am in weird headspace. This past week completely blew past me. I started a new entry on Monday, and didn't get a chance to work on it again until Thursday (this is what happens when you neglect your blog and have a lot to catch up on), and then suddenly it was Friday and I was left gawping about that, wondering how on earth a whole week had disappeared without my even noticing it.

I blame the kids' sudden nap-less-ness.

Because nothing leaves you wrung out and slap-stupid like chasing around two toddlers with astonishingly cavalier attitudes toward little things like personal injury and mutilation. Seriously, by the end of the day, it's all I can do to knit a coupla rows without flubbing something up and stabbing myself in the elbow with a dpn or something. You think I'm kidding, don't you? Well, okay, maybe a little bit. I mean, come on, stabbing oneself in the elbow? Perhaps I've gotten a little carried away with my storytelling there.

But it sure feels true.

In addition to the kids not napping, the cats have been yarfing (anyone with any ideas on why my cats are puking? I was raised a dog person, this whole cat business has me completely at a loss), and suddenly the world seems filled with people who just went off Prozac. Or something. I honestly don't know what's happened, but it seems as though everyone I know is either going through some tricky, harrowing-ish kind of thing that just highlights for me all the things that are wrong with the world, or everyone's walking around like they're one big raw nerve.

For example? On a moms mailing list I'm on, there was a gigantic flame war. Like, sixty responses in a few hours. This is a list that's usually all "Try Beaudreau's Butt Paste" or "Hyland's Teething Tablets" or "toothpaste gets Kool-aid and Jell-o stains off your counter tops" and such forth. And then suddenly all these women were at each other's throats. It was thoroughly insane. And the only reason it ended is the list owner showed up and told everyone to take their toys and go home for the day.

(For the record? This was Dr. Phil's fault - I swear, he is the greatest enemy of women since freakin' Cosmopolitan magazine. But I'll try to spare you the rant on that one.)

Anyway. How about a little knitting content, while I'm here?


I'll have to post up pics later, but:

I have yarn. Lots of yarn. Enough yarn for two sweaters that will fit me and my "goddess-like" physique. It's beautiful and marvelous and I love it and I just need to get myself a bit more organized and then I can cast on. Oh, and I'm going to get a gander at Big Girl Knits before I make any final decisions. The Ample-Knitters list is just going kee-ray-zee! with buzz about this book, so I figure I owe it to myself (and my beautiful yarn!) to make sure I'm going to knit something I'll love.

I have an almost-finished pair of socks. Another pair of Jaywalkers that I really like. I had finished the knitting, kitchenered the second toe, put it on and realized that it was a smidgen short. So tomorrow (after the yarn and sock dry out from having water spilled on them - did I mention I've also got a colossal case of dropsy?) I'm going to un-kitchener the toe, knit another round, maybe two, and then re-close up the toe and dance a little happy socks-are-finished dance.

I have another pair of socks in the making. They're out of Koigu, and I adore them. The yarn is simply the most cheerful yarn I've ever encountered. Lots of yellow and pink and orange-y pinks and some blues in there for good measure. I started knitting it a while ago and then went really gangbusters on it over the Easter weekend, because the colors just said "Easter eggs" to me. I struggled a bunch with the gusset, due to a number of factors, but I finally am through it so now to just do the foot and toe and then start the next one. But first, this sock must also dry out, as it was caught in the same water glass disaster that injured the Jaywalker. siiigh!

So then, because I had no other socks to knit and couldn't imagine trying to seam up my Olympic toddler sweater under current psychological and physiological conditions, I cast on for a whole 'nother pair of socks. Because, of course, I'm insane. But I am pretty jazzed about these. It's too soon for pictures, but I think they're going to be great. For now, though, it's a seeeekrit!

And now, to try to get some sleep. The cats keep messing around and making me think that either some crazed evildoer is breaking in (of course!) or one of them is puking again, hence the blogging at almost 4 a.m. But I think my heart rate is back to normal-ish, so I'm going to give sleep another shot.

OOooh!!! And I joined Scout's Dye-o-rama!!! I'm very excited about this. I may even make up my own warping board, per Scout's instructions. We shall see.


  • At Sat Apr 22, 02:26:00 PM CDT, Blogger Aprilynne said…

    I feel you pain on that whole, all my friends live's are imploding. I went thru about a year or two of that and it really takes a toll on ya. The toddlers, too, OH LORD! I only have one at the moment, but the two oldest were toddlers together and it is enough to put a person over the cliff sometimes, I know - WE need their naps as much as they do!

    It's been a rough week, for sure. If I had any strength left, I'd give you a hug. lol ((hug hug)) ok I could manage a little one. hehehe


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