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GRRR!! Grafting BAD!

So I finished the toe on a new Jaywalker a couple days ago, and set it aside because I wasn't feeling up for grafting at the time (am fighting an INSANE bout of Startitis, and let's face it, the only thing more antithetical to Startitis than grafting is seaming).

Well, tonight I decided that I really wanted to just get this damn sock finished (read: I really needed to free up my #2 needles so I could start a different pair of socks entirely, never mind that there's a second Jaywalker to be done), so I sat down with my lovely Ann Norling grafting directions and my new Chibi needles (in cool-ass green case) and set to grafting.

As usual, it looked entirely wonky the first few stitches, but I kept the faith, persevered, and made it to the end of the toe. I fed the needle and remaining yarn end through to the inside of the sock and examined my work.

DAMNSHITFUCKINHELL!!!! I missed a stitch!!

That's right. Completely missed a stitch. There it was, just hanging loose, practically waving at me, ready to go zipping up the sole of my sock at the slightest tug.

So I undid the graft, as of course the missed stitch was one of the first few.

I got a drink of water, calmed myself, sat down and tried again. I got about two-thirds of the way across the toe of the sock before....

DAMMITSHITFUCKINHELL AGAIN!!!! I missed the SAME blasted stitch!!

One I stopped swearing, I undid the graft a second time and set the sock aside. As I explained to Caz: Obviously, tonight was not meant for grafting. And besides, if I tried again and missed that stitch one more stinkin' time, I would NEVER stop swearing. Like, the world would end and there would just be God sitting there with everyone all angel-fied around him, and me, still swearing my angry black guts out into the post-apocalyptic void.

Grafting bad!


  • At Sun Mar 26, 08:14:00 AM CST, Blogger Scoutj said…

    Have you seen this:

    I think that's a great one!

  • At Mon Mar 27, 08:50:00 AM CST, Blogger meg said…

    ... it leaves a wee ridge, but ... there's always the three needle bindoff...or, with some planning, the star toe.
    Just sayin' ....

  • At Mon Apr 03, 07:28:00 PM CDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    WELL. I agree that drafting is absolutely horrible. I had a horrible time knitting up my first sock a couple months ago (and am convinced that the terrible time I had is completely responsible for my lack of desire to even look at knitting needles) during which I grafted the damn thing at least three times, AFTER I discovered it was too short and had to undo the whole toe to fix it. That's all well and good normally, but it was my first sock and I was getting angsty. Anyways, I hope you have the gumption to finish the second sock, and yeah, that knitty grafting article is great help. ~S

  • At Thu Apr 06, 10:40:00 AM CDT, Blogger FemiKnitMafia said…

    You feeling less black guts lately? Did you kick that Jaywalker into submission?
    Having a seaming party yet, Turtle? Do I need to come over there will my chibi swingin'?

  • At Mon Apr 17, 03:41:00 PM CDT, Anonymous Ivy said…

    I knew from reading your "Suri reverse carjacking" comment on the yarn harlot page that you were a trip. I love this blog. I'm bookmarking it. I'll be back. You'll whack that toe into submission yet.

  • At Mon Apr 24, 05:43:00 AM CDT, Anonymous melanie said…

    Ah, the twins. Seems twins everywhere are conspiring to keep us from our blogs , no? Here's to late night blog thoughts, and the invention of the blog DRAFT mode.


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