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I've got a husband, twin toddlers, a cat who I probably forgot to feed this morning, and never, ever enough time to knit.


Oof. Chicago backlash

Urgh. It's happened again. We went down to Chicago, ran our butts off, and now we're all on the express route to Plaguesville. sigh.

The kids have taken turns running low-grade fevers all week, though without much in the way of other outward symptoms, aside from Ben suddenly turning into a little old man and casting evil glances at the radio while covering his ears. I figure the poor guy had a headache, and the noise was too much, because he uncovered his ears and seemed much less tetchy once we turned the radio off.

Anyway, so I thought we might be doing all right until earlier tonight, when suddenly I was passing out in the recliner for no known reason, and then woke up aching in just every joint. Even my toes hurt! Caz quickly diagnosed flu and I'm too tired and achy and glum to argue.

So probably won't post for a couple days again until I get over this. blegh.

But before I go take a nice hot shower and go to bed, I wanted to get a little knitting news up.

First, I've joined FemiKnit Mafia's Turtles KAL, specially designed for all those who didn't quite make Olympic gold. I'm very happy about this, as turtles are a big favorite for me, and I would have been really sad to have not been able to be a part of a turtle-themed KAL. (And while I'm at it, congrats to Ms. Lefty Mafia on her new status as Mama! Such good news, and such good timing - I was getting overly wound up that the bastards in the Wisconsin legislature are being so bastardy about gay rights issues. Bastards. A little good news did a lot for my personal headspace. grin.)

Secondly, I got my patterns from Black Water Abbey the other day, and I'm about 95% sure that I'm going to do Bramble Berry first. Just as soon as I figure out what yarn to choose. So many yarns, so little time, you know?

I swear there was a third thing, but heck if I can remember it now. Oh well. Too tired and my back is killing me. Time for the healing power of a hot shower followed by sleep.


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