Thorny Knits

I've got a husband, twin toddlers, a cat who I probably forgot to feed this morning, and never, ever enough time to knit.


Supah-cranky stinkaroo!

Oh, fer the love of pete!

So, for all who may have been concerned, we're fine. I survived my weekend while Caz was at GenCon, and aside from feeling some residual sleep-deprivation burn, we're doing all right.

Of course, because nothing goes smoothly for us (does it go smoothly for anyone? don't answer that, I don't know that I'm strong enough to know the answer just now), we got back to discover the hard drive on our computer went *skapow!*, so I'm posting this from the lovely environs of my local library, where I recently finally got to the front of the line for Mason-Dixon Knitting (sorry no linky-loo, I'm on clock and on a computer I'm not familiar with), a situation which is creating an intense need in me to knit warshcloths, towels and bath mats like a fiend. A FIEND I tell you!! grin.

Anyway, for anyone who's into role-playing games, you can check out Caz's (other) baby here.

Hope to be back soon, with photos and news and who-knows-what-all!


  • At Thu Aug 17, 12:11:00 PM CDT, Blogger Carrie K said…

    I hate it when computers go bad.

    And yes, it's all MDK's fault I have a current obsession with washcloths. Log Cabins I've been obsessed with for years (not that I thought of knitting one).

    Hope you get up & running at home again soon!

  • At Mon Aug 21, 10:57:00 AM CDT, Blogger meg said…

    Do not knit a rug - there lies madness. The only reason J. knits? Because I went crazy knitting a garter stitch striped rug and if he hadn't finished it, it would still be half done. Do not knit a rug or a bathmat or a towel.

  • At Wed Aug 30, 07:02:00 PM CDT, Blogger Madam said…

    Ooh! I found your non-LJ blog!



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