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I've got a husband, twin toddlers, a cat who I probably forgot to feed this morning, and never, ever enough time to knit.


Long time no update

Crap! The camera is in the kids' room and they're... not quite napping yet. Gnnngggg! In about another half-hour, if they still aren't asleep, I'm giving up. But until then... I gotta try. And I've only been meaning to put together an update for ages and well... yeah. Things happen.

So Jaywalker.

Yeah. Um... how come I never noticed that Cara's preferred yarn for Jaywalker, the really lovely Socks That Rock, is a whole shload thicker than the sock yarn I've been using? It wasn't until I Margene mentioned it that I really thought to take a look at it.

Gnnngggg. No wonder I've had gauge problems up the wazoo.

My yarn weighs about 3.5 ounces and measures 440 yds. STR weighs about 4.25 ounces and measures 325 yds.

I have not yet given up. I REFUSE to give up. However, I am regrouping. Which is too bad, because I really enjoy knitting the pattern. It's just the sock I've completed? Doesn't quite fit. And the second sock I started in another (even thinner) yarn? Really isn't going to fit.

In other news... I've decided I'm going to join Stephanie's 2006 Knitting Olympics! I'm going to try to break out of my self-imposed issue with knitting actual, you know, garments. I've done all kinds of increasingly complex accessories, and I'm feeling pretty darn confident on socks, but for some reason, the whole thing where a sweater is supposed to actually, you know, FIT it's intended recipient? Has had me on the ropes for ages.

So now I'm going to go for it. I figure the Knitting Olympics are an awesome chance for me to get so caught up in the promise of the thrill of victory that I just don't think about it too much. Still have not chosen a pattern or a yarn (have a few in stash which I hope will do nicely), but I know it will be a baby/toddler sweater. Either for one of my boys or for someone else's child, I don't know yet. But I'm working on it, and will get it figured out soon.

Otherwise, am continuing to knit along like crazy, I'm just not chronicling it well. Need to work on that. And get the pictures I've taken actually OFF the camera and onto the computer so I might share them with y'all.


  • At Fri Jan 20, 08:18:00 AM CST, Blogger meg said…

    word is, there's a bigger Jaywalkers pattern out there....

  • At Sat Jan 21, 03:08:00 PM CST, Blogger FemiKnitMafia said…

    I feel your garment pain. After my first sweater-for-me turned evil-huge-monstrosity, I've neglected the garment knitting. But I'm hoping to make a sweater for myself in 2006. Good luck with the Olympics. I'm be cheering you on.


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