Thorny Knits

I've got a husband, twin toddlers, a cat who I probably forgot to feed this morning, and never, ever enough time to knit.


Busy busy busy

Okay, despite my lack of posting, I really have been knitting. And having a life. And other crazy things.


I finished one hat, which I fear may be too small, but we'll see what blocking does.

I finished another hat, which I fear may be too big.

I almost finished another hat, realized that it's not nearly as cool-looking as I'd hoped, also realized I had more yarn than I realized, so I frogged back to the decreases and am going to make the nice normal hat I was making into a more stocking-y hat. Now what - I'll run out of yarn. snort!

I started, again, my Jaywalker socks for Cara's Jaywalker KAL, and after a few false starts wherein I decided the small size on 1s was too small, and the large size on 1s was too big, I am now making quite fine progress on 2s using the small size, and so I'm feeling like perhaps I've finally got this figured out.

I'm stalled on Christmas Stocking #1 (remember, I have to do two - argh!), but I have decided to kind of up-end the pattern I've got, which I think will be saner in the long run. But first I have to finish all these Christmas presents so that I can begin the long hard burn to try to get both stockings done. (Yes, Meg, I know it's impossible, but what can I say - I haven't quite given up hope.)

My kids are huge and strong and waaaaayyyy too smart. It's making me a little bit nutty, actually. And they're sick and tired of being cooped up for two weeks almost-straight. First they both had colds, and then it was about 4 degrees Kelvin outside for most of this past week, so we haven't really gone much of anywhere.

So, Caz lost his job yesterday, which is... argh. We had a couple hours of good strong panic, complete with bouts of near-hyperventilation and some crying. Now we're... we're a bit more composed about it, anyway. Though if anyone is nice to me about it, I'm still kinda inclined to sniffle and gulp and feel my face go all red and splotchy (so attractive!).

We're trying to look at this as some kind of "opportunity" or something. He wasn't liking his job hardly at all anyway, and I've been getting more and more stir-crazy home with the kids all the time, so maybe we'll swap who's the breadwinner for a while. Maybe. I guess we'll see how it all shakes out.

Okay, back to life and living and Oh God Getting The Christmas Knitting Done!


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