Thorny Knits

I've got a husband, twin toddlers, a cat who I probably forgot to feed this morning, and never, ever enough time to knit.


More progress, less panic

So, my eagerness to have a completed pair of socks has combined with some recent insomnia to make a completed 2.5-3 inches of cuff on the second Sockotta #1 sock. I think what I like best with the striped yarn is the whole "fraternal twin" aspect. I think I would like it anyway, but having real live twins that "came from the same ball" but are still pretty different in appearance only increases my enjoyment of it.

Also, insomnia has given me a chance to work a second set of Straight Rows on the mini-Clapotis, and the strange striping which was less apparent to others than it was to me has moved along. I ran a life-line toward the end of the Increase Rows, so should I change my mind, I've still got the option of frogging. And never mind how silly it would be to frog a couple feet of scarf only to save the remaining six inches. For your information, the Increase Rows are a bit of a pain in the ass, so if I can avoid doing those again, I will.

Of course, all this Clapotis-knitting has teamed up with the lovely pics I discovered the other day of Alison's lovely Clapotis that she made out of Malabrigo, which is the same yarn I've got sitting in my stash which was originally for a Clapotis but then I made a mistake and frogged it all (and I'd gotten rather a ways, too) and got frustrated and decided to do something entirely different with it instead. But now I'm kind of thinking, "Gosh, how often am I really going to wear a vest I have to hand-wash? Maybe I'd be happier with a nice stole." Argh.

Also was pondering last night if I have enough yarn left over from my nephew's Harry Potter scarf I knit him last spring to make him a semi-matching hat for Christmas. I'm not sure I do. Well, I've got plenty of the gold, but probably not enough of the crimson. Alas.

And now off to do things which will hopefully make all this lovely insomnia less of an issue. It's tough - I hate what the insomnia does to my life, but man do I get to knit a lot more than usual. sigh!


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