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Knitting Makes Even the DMV Bearable

Man. I wish I'd discovered knitting ages ago, instead of just, well... not even a year ago did I get really into it.

Had to go to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) today. I was driving all manner of illegally, and it was very bad.

So a friend of mine mega-graciously agreed to watch the boys for me and off I went, forms filled out and the Blasted Hat in a bag.

Silly me, going to the DMV on a Friday afternoon. Duh. At least the Wisconsin DMV system is pretty organized. Yeah, you might wind up waiting a while, but once your number gets called? You're out the door within 5-10 minutes. Seriously. I had to renew my license, transfer the title on the car my grandmother gave us *cough* back in January *cough* and get new license plates for said car. From the time they called my number until the time I walked out the door - 15 minutes, max. And the rest of the time it took? Entirely my fault. I really should have gone first thing in the morning like I'd bragged last night I was going to.

But so I went, Blasted Hat went with me, and all was fine. I got there, saw the crowd, went to the bathroom, came back, found a seat and set off. Am now probably a few rounds from the top. However, unfortunately, I will not be getting it done in time to send off with the hubby to GenCon today. Oh well. I guess my friend will just be getting it in the mail, then. sigh.

So far, though, it has done nothing to try to buck its fate. Which is good.

Also? There were two girls sitting in the waiting area with their dad. One was probably 8 or 9 years old, the other a year or so younger. The girls were really well behaved, and at one point I looked up and saw the older one watching me very intently. I smiled at her and she looked away. I kind of kept an eye on her, wondering if I should invite her to come over to take a closer look, but from that point on she kept her gazing on the sneak. I found myself wishing I had a pair of cheap plastic needles and some old stash yarn to give her to let her try it out herself. But alas, I did not.

Still though - a trip to the DMV, made entirely bearable by having my knitting with me. I could really get into this.

Well, more into it, I mean.


  • At Mon Aug 22, 01:44:00 PM CDT, Blogger the fiddlin' fool said…

    Yes, this phenomenon is one of the reasons I am convinced that my knitting hobby has stuck permanently; it fills a niche that would otherwise be empty. Idle time. :)


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