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Another Knitting Retrospective - Jaywalkers

So I'm finally kinda catching up on a bunch of knitting I've done... well, over the year. And I'm finally getting some photos up and like that.

Among the things I knit for myself this spring? A second pair of Jaywalkers. Aren't they pretty?

I suspect they were done on US1 dpns, and I know they were done with KnitPicks... well, Memories, essentially. I forget what it was originally called, but it wasn't Memories back then. Anyway, colorway is "Tropical Sunrise".

The other pair of Jaywalkers I finished in September, after finally successfully grafting the toe of the first sock five months after the previous grafting attempt. I then cast on the second sock, and got it done lickety-split.

I'm afraid I lost the ball band a while ago, but it was one of the Regia 6-ply Crazy Colors colorways worked on US2 needles. I really like them. And the funny thing is? They match a sweater I bought at Target in like 2003 almost perfectly. I'll have to get a picture, because it's kinda hilarious.

I hadn't even noticed until a friend was over and I was working on them while we were talking and she mentioned that she was trying to watch what I was doing, but couldn't because the sock kept blending in with my sweater. Whups!

I have to say, I really do like the Jaywalker pattern. I'm no Cara, but um... I kind of cast on for my fourth pair a month or two ago. They'd been on a major back burner thanks to the sweater-finishing frenzy and then Christmas knitting and then Corazon, but I picked 'em back up the other day in my quest for knitting that wasn't going to defy me, and they're moving along. I'm using a Trekking XXL colorway, and so they're on US0 needles, so they're not moving super-fast, but that's all right. It still gave me something to do with my hands last night when my sister called me to ramble on about the state of her current relationship.



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