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The Perils of Speed Dial

Yep, that's right. More peril.

Early this morning, Henry woke up and came to see us. Then he took off into the living room, and I kinda blearily stared around going, "What the crap? It's morning already? Please god no!"

And then I heard the buttons on the phone beeping away. And then I heard a dial tone and more beeping.

So I threw off the covers (and probably cussed some, though I can't recall for sure) and charged into the living room to divest Henry of the phone. He'd hung it up already (probably when he heard the cussing) but I checked the redial feature (I just luuuuurrrve my fancy-dancy phone - I can't imagine having to wait a month to get the phone bill before I found out if he'd dialed Bangalore or not) and discovered he'd dialed up my old college roommate Mary Ann.

Who, dear friend that she is, called back a couple minutes later wanting to make sure everything was all right. Thank goodness she's in Atlanta, and thus an hour ahead of us, because my clock was showing 7:45. I apologized and let her know that no, it was just Henry playing with the phone, and thanked her for calling. She laughed and wished us all a Happy Halloween and a good day, and we hung up.

I thought long and hard about calling the Gypsy Dingo Circus at that moment, wondering what kind of price I could get for my speed-dialing little hooligan, and how much yarn that might buy. But then he held up his arms and started to sing "Suuuuhhhh whaaaa beeeya da sea..." (which, for those not intimately familar with the closing credits of Finding Nemo, translate to "Somewhere beyond the sea..."), and I was struck idiotic by the cuteness and decided to let my little proto-lounge singer serenade me instead.

Though, I think he's starting to realize the effect it has on me, because he keeps wanting to slow dance with me and sing "Beyond the Sea" every time he gets into trouble. Gnnngggg!!

Trick-or-treating report and costume pics tomorrow!


  • At Wed Nov 01, 09:35:00 AM CST, Anonymous mamacate said…

    Oh, speed dial is a dangerous thing!

    This past year Ellie and my Henry have taken to calling their friends on the phone to "talk." Eleanor had me call up one preschool friend for her, and then she sort of smiled at the phone for a while. This is the girl who calls me at work and talks my ear off--I think she was just so pleased to be calling a friend that she didn't know what to say. Then there are Henry's best friends--MZ twins one week older. One of them carries on a pretty effective conversation (by four-year-old standards: "what are you doing? I have a cookie. We watched Nemo." etc.). The other one says "Henry....Hennnnnnnry....Henry....Hennnnnnry" while Henry goes "Henry's on the phone! Henry's on the phone! It's me, Henry!" It's pretty darn cute. After the second phone call like this I figured out that the one who repeats Henry's name isn't unclear on the concept--he's just so happy to be talking to Henry that that's what he has to say.

    Too damn cute.

  • At Sun Nov 05, 06:23:00 AM CST, Anonymous melanie said…

    That is freakin' adorable. I swear the cute thing - it is a Force of Nature. We are powerless against it.


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