Thorny Knits

I've got a husband, twin toddlers, a cat who I probably forgot to feed this morning, and never, ever enough time to knit.


(Insert happy dance here)

Well, I would insert a happy dance, but man, my dogs are barkin'.

So let's just all imagine a happy dance together, and let that be enough for now. I'll happy dance again tomorrow once I've had a little rest.

Why the dancing?

I went to Rhinebeck
I went to Rhinebeck
I went to Rhinebeck

Meg and the Fiddlin' Fool lured me down to Chicago on the premise of having a fab yarn crawl weekend, only what they'd really cooked up was whisking me off to Rhinebeck, for my first weekend away from the kids. Ever.

Of course, I am just about the worst person in the world to try to surprise. All that paranoia and freakishness means that when my friends start acting oddly, I can't help but start collating data to try to figure out what's what.

So Meg and I spent the past 3+ weeks tiptoeing around each other - her trying to keep from spilling the beans that we were going to Rhinebeck, and me not wanting to ruin her fun at making it a big surprise for me. And in the meantime, I inhabited this strange mental space where I knew but kept the knowledge from myself, so that I couldn't truly act on it or even speak it out loud. Ain't dissociative tendencies grand?

But at last, when we pulled in to O'Hare Airport, the truth had to be faced - either we were going to Rhinebeck, or they'd put in some new duty-free yarn store at O'Hare. Happily, it was the former, and so....

I went to Rhinebeck
I went to Rhinebeck
I went to Rhinebeck

It was a wonderful time. But more later. I'm wiped, y'all.

And wouldn't you guess it? After driving like a maniac all the way home? The kids were already asleep by the time I got here. Oh well. At least this way I can unpack in something resembling peace.

Oooh. And try spinning some of my new lovelies!!

Some pictures and stories later, but until then? Thanks to the bestest friends a frazzled mama could ever have - the Two Sock Knitters!!!


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