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Heart Healing

Like everyone in the U.S., and probably the world, I have been stunned by the events at Virginia Tech two days ago.

I look at my children and I see the terrible news, and I just want to hide them away somewhere, forever safe from hate or harm.

But I can't. The darkness can be anywhere and everywhere, and there's nothing I can do to change that.

Today, within about a ten minute span, I read two items - a blog entry and a news article - which brought the tragedy home to me in a way which it had not been before. The first was realizing that I have a friend who once called Blacksburg her home. The second was discovering that one of the students killed was a twin, just like my boys are. The thought of one of them losing the other fills me with agony.

After seeing the terrible news on Monday, there had been a need in me, a drive, a desire to do something good, to fight that darkness, which can be anywhere and everywhere. I had seen Kay's post about Mother's Day Knitting, and had thought to myself, "That's what I'll do. I'll knit a blanket." But soon harsh reality intruded, and I knew that I just didn't have the ability to knit a blanket in that short period of time. After rifling through my stash, realizing I didn't even have sufficient yarn bits for a respectable blanket, I felt defeated. Like this time, the darkness might win.

And then I read Suze's blog, and at first I thought, "My God! Another one! This tragedy keeps getting closer and closer all the time!" All I wanted was to keep this tragedy far, far away from those I adore.

But then I read on, and I felt... hope. I can do something. I can make a difference. And Suze is making it possible. She's asking for 8x8" squares to be sent to her by May 5, and she will sew them together into a blanket(s?) to get them sent out for the Afghans for Afghans Mother's Day deadline.

So, I'm going to get out those yarn bits and start making some squares.

My heart needs healing, and there is darkness to be fought. I'm doing battle the best way I know how - with my heart, my needles and my wool. I will fight darkness with light, cold with warmth, and hate with love. I cannot undo what has been done, I cannot bring back those souls who were lost. But I can and will help keep a new baby, in a land far away, safe against the cold.

Suze needs 25 squares for one blanket. If you all join me in fighting the terrible darkness, how many blankets do you suppose we could make?


  • At Wed Apr 18, 07:42:00 PM CDT, Blogger Suze said…

    that was beautiful.

    and thanks so much for the shout-out.

  • At Wed Apr 18, 11:16:00 PM CDT, Blogger stash haus said…

    Hey Thorny! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. And I missed the MKG meeting, too. And I won't be around for the May meeting.

    If you get out to knit with any friends before then, give me a shout.

    Hug your kids for me.

  • At Thu Apr 19, 08:49:00 AM CDT, Blogger Lanea said…

    My poor little mountain home. I am really touched by how supportive people all over the world have been for the victims, their families, and the whole gigantic Hokie community. Thank you for your kindness, Thorny. We can't undo what happened, but I think we can really comfort the folks who are hurting, and hopefully presvent some folks from becoming as disturbed as that killer was.


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